Enable digital payments for your business

QuickSpend brings digital currencies to your business at no cost. Accept Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies from your customers.

QuickSpend handles all digital cashflows and process for your business. No risk, no volatility, guaranteed payment in Euros.


QuickSpend brings cutting edge technology to your shop with a digital currency payment terminal.

No need for your users to change their habits: Paying at our terminal is just like paying with your credit card: Quick, simple, safe.

How can I get started?

  1. Fill out our contact form below to request your payment terminal. 
  2. QuickSpend will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  3. We will setup your terminal with you and help you getting started.
  4. Your customers can start paying with Bitcoin, and other digital currencies.

Note: QuickSpend currently operates in the Netherlands. 

Your ticket to digital currencies

The QuickSpend terminal brings digital currency capabilities to your store at no cost. No need for your own Bitcoin or Digital Currency address/wallet. Just enter the amount a customer needs to pay in Euros and we confirm the payment on the screen.

Customers pay in the Digital Currency of their choice to a managed address and QuickSpend reimburses you the  amount in Euros to your bank account, without any fees.

Here is the workflow through the app:

Its plain simple! You enter the amount to be paid as you do on your normal card payment terminal. Our terminal gets in touch with the QuickSpend payment system to request a QR code that your user scans with the payment app of their choice. As soon as the payment is confirmed by your customer, you will receive a payment successful notification.

Your own store portal

We provide you with a store portal that allows you to track all customer payments so you know how much you can expect, and track your digital currency payments easily.


Review your transactions at any time

Good to know...

No need to worry about digital currency volatility or the current exchange rates. QuickSpend handles all digital currency cashflows for you.  QuickSpend reimburses you each transaction that your customers spend in your store. This is done via bank transfer directly to you.

We require WiFi access in your store for our terminal to operate and a free power outlet near your counter to power our terminal. That’s all there is!

You may have heard that digital currency payments take a long time to be confirmed by the blockchain. QuickSpend manages that risk for you by ensuring all payments are as fast as with paying with cash. For each payment that is made through our terminal, we remit the amount in Euros. There is no risk from digital currency volatility as you receive the Euro amount, while we process the conversion in the background.

Digital currencies have gone a long way since the start of the Bitcoin blockchain. QuickSpend believes in a strong future for digital currency payments. We offer your store the ability to be modern, ready for the coming change and to attract new customers.

Once you get in contact, via the form below, we will contact you to discuss the options and features you want on your terminal. We will then send you out a payment terminal to get started receiving digital currencies. Any payments made via our terminal will be remitted to you via bank account. You will also receive access to your own web-interface (retailer portal).


Our payment solution is currently available in the Netherlands. Please feel free to get in touch as we are expanding quickly.


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