About QuickSpend

QuickSpend was founded in January 2019 in Amsterdam. We provide turnkey cryptocurrency payment services to merchants while enabling the entire digital workflow for our clients.

Our core products are:

  • Digital currency point of sale terminals for retailers to accept cryptocurrencies in their stores
  • API service to allow third parties to integrate cryptocurrency payments into existing point of sale terminals as well as online payments
  • Regulatory mobile application to confirm user identities (where required in certain jurisdictions)

Our Vision

QuickSpend believes that cryptocurrencies will bridge the gap in adoption of mobile payments and seamless value transfer between businesses and consumers. Adoption of cryptocurrencies will come from market developments and consumer behavior evolution.

We believe that mobile payments will play a major role in Europe in the coming years. Improved usability of mobile wallets (knowledge of the blockchain is not required to operate a wallet) and the availability of gateways and payment points (e.g. QuickSpend platform) will enable this.

Suhas Ratanje

CEO, Founder

Florian Reißner


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